Saturday, September 1, 2012

Back Up Brownies!!

This week's dinners have been comforting and calorie laden!! Thursday night, however, the frozen pizza I purchased- subpar doesn't even begin to describe the nastiness we attempted to partake!
Enter my rescue strategy- BACK UP BROWNIES!! There is nothing, and I mean nothing that can't be fixed with a little bite of chocolate scrumdiddeliumsciousness - yeah- its a real word ;-)!
Ok- so perhaps not everything- bad dinner, sure, and maybe even some bad days... But what about those days your bank account runs dry but the bills have not yet been all paid; the day the doctor's office calls and says they'd like you to come in to review your test results; the day the divorce papers arrive; the day the whole world stops and seemingly crumbles to the ground... Chocolate doesn't make those days better by a long shot.
On those days friends, well intentioned folks, and family members may say things like, "it'll get better with time," or "I'll be praying for you" and maybe they do... It's so hard to feel that God is a loving God on those. On those days we don't want to stand and sing, "This is the day that the Lord has made I will rejoice and be glad in it." But does our lack of "feelin'" it make it any less true? Is God still the good God, Great Physician, Prince of Peace and Mighty Comforter on those days? YES! And He is so much more!
Keep in mind that God is the God who goes before the Israelite people in battle. He is the One who has seen afflictions of every kind and has used them to bring about His glory. Christ is the one who suffered on the cross and dealt with that very real, very painful reality. He knows what it is to do without- friends, money, food, shelter... He's been there too.
Two things to keep in mind on those dark days... 1) If Jesus Christ, Lord of all, Creator & Sustainer of the universe dealt with pain, suffering, and difficulty when He came as a man, why should we expect any different? and 2) If Christ Himself went thru all these things, then He knows what it takes to deal with them and He can certainly see us through our trials of many kinds.
Chocolate may make a rough dinner better, but for everything else, there's Jesus. I don't say that as a patent answer, I say that from experience as I've quit asking, "but why?" and learned to embrace the embrace of God Himself as He alone carries me – day be day.

"Even though I walk
through the darkest valley,
I will fear no evil,
for you are with me;
your rod and your staff,
they comfort me." Psalm 23:4 NIV

Week Of Meals In Review

Monday – Croque Monsieur Mac & Cheese
            So tasty!!! So time consuming!! But did I mention that it is really tasty?!
            Our votes:
                   Jbird:          Smile 
                   Zebra:    Smile 
               Mr. Chill: Thumbs Up 
                    Me:    Thumbs Up 
Tuesday - Top of the Ridge Chicken
             Can I have some more please?! For this meal I went ahead and made doubles and froze one meal's
             worth - if it trns out I'll post a tute on that soon!! YAY!!
       Our votes:
              Jbird:        Thumbs Up 
              Zebra:    Thumbs Up 
                 Me:       Thumbs Up
           Mr. Chill: dinner meeting = no vote

Wednesday - Moravian Chicken Pie
           Jbird:   Roll 
           Zebra:  Wakka Wakka 
       Mr. Chill: Brows 
                 Me:  Way Too Happy (yeah - it was my favorite!!)

Thursday - Crack bread - the pizza doesn't need further review ( Blah )
           Jbird:  Woohoo! 
          Zebra:  Clappy 
      Mr. Chill:  Thumbs Up 
              Me: Teethy 
Friday - Emanadas!!!!
            Celebrating the end of the week with a wonderful meal!!! And that it was!! I made enough to have leftovers today!! YAY!! When I went to make this, however, I discovered that I had no taco seasoning - my home blended stash was walkabout... so I just started adding a dash and a smidge of the things I remembered were in it and Mr. Chill said it was the best ever to which I responded that he'd better enjoy it while he can because I didn't use a recipe... to which he rolled his eyes and hugged me and said, "Ahhh, yes, my wife - the mad scientist!"

           Jbird:    Rolly 1 
         Zebra:  Brows 
     Mr. Chill:  Raise The Roof 1 
             Me:  Sunshine (I'm walkin' on sunshine! Oh-oh!! And don't it feel good?! Hey!)
Until next time - have a great Labor Day weekend!! Enjoy friends, family, fun times!! And remember to be devoted to whatever you may do with all that you are!!

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